On Demand + Live Broadcasting Service Design


Product Consultant


Gaian Solutions

Team Size



4 Months

Conceptualised and released MVP for Mobius - An On Demand + Live Broadcasting technology service by Gaian Solutions. As a Product Management Consultant, i led the design, development, MVP launch and testing the service with focus groups.

This service is powered by ATSC 3.0 and includes a set-top box, TV app & a companion mobile app. On Demand videos are provided over internet, while broadcasting live channels through the Mobius receiver and displays all major channels available in the USA by auto tuning.

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Service Discovery

With many OTT services providing the On-Demand videos, it was critical to analyse how does this new service viable in terms of business? And what are the opportunities, approaches we need to implement in order to launch it?

Gaian Solutions is exclusively tied with broadcasters in USA and India. Hence the serviceable scope is narrowed out. With clients already existing and actively participating in the USA, we have decided to launch the MVP only in USA.

Mobius has a heavy competition and threats in the market, with many service providers already bundling with major network providers.

To understand the scope with service and network providers, i have conducted workshop individually with the beta clients in USA. Based on the workshops, i have understood that the service provider is lookking to expand its capabilities and network providers are looking for live engagement technology, which no other service providers are currently providing. Hence, Mobius can add a major value by providing the technology services to services providers and leverage their broadcasting capabilities to create the whole service ecosystem.

Broadcasting Service Provider: ATSC 3.0

Network Providers (Example: ABC, NBC, CBS etc)

Technology Provider: Gaian Solutions

The collaboration of these stakeholders is together a streaming service called MOBIUS.

An advanced next-gen TV that not just streams On-Demand videos, but also helps in engaging with live broadcast videos.

The technology provider, in this case, Gaian Solutions, create applications that support in engaging with the live broadcasting videos. These applcations can be requested to trigger for multiple network providers, based on their broadcasting content and engagements as required.

In order to support the dynamic engagements that syncs with the TV, Companion apps and set-top-box Gaian Solutions integrated the service with Data lake, another product of their own, by creating an eco-system that co-created value with each products.

Experience Design

Later, i led the product design, including all the touchpoints - set top box, mobile app, TV app. We have focused a lot of time exploring possibilities to improve user experience compared to any other competitor in the market, and hence named the mobile app as mobius-companion app which can be used to engage with or control the mobius tv app.

Product Roadmap

While designing the experience of Mobius's service, i have also been documenting the user stories to handover it to engineering team with every interaction and detail. I have created tasks that needs to be prioritised in order to achieve the most ambitious and complicated flows in the journey. I have created a roadmap to launch the MVP by November 2022, and team are very optimistic about being on track without any major concerns.

I have succeeded in creating an MVP by April 2022 and Mobius along with Data lake has collectively achieved

  • Product of the year award at NAB Show, Las vegas on April 2022