B2B Broadcast Solutions


UI/UX Consultant


Gaian Solutions

Team Size



6 Months

Provided my expertise for various products for the B2B who provide Broadcasting solutions to various service providers in USA and India. These SaaS products solve many problems starting from disaster management to project management.

These products have been designed in a way that each solution can be integrated in othe products and helps them solve greater problems together.


Product Managers

Tenant Dashboard

An interactive dashboard which helps the tenants, be it first line responders or online education providers, this dashboard can be used to trigger engagement based on the contexts that they can predefine.


Product to design the visualisations which users wish to send to their target semgments based on the engagement and the context satisfied.

Project Manager

Dashboard for the developers to see their teams performance and also manage the projects. The builds can be tracked and managed from this product.
Due to terms of the company and the agreement, I am not allowed to share more information publicly. Will be happy to discuss in detail in person.