Healthcare Management & Physio Booking


UI/UX Consultant


PACCS Healthcare

Team Size



2 Months

Provided my expertise in digital transforming a health care organization at Hyderabad. This includes creating a product to maintain staff management , Doctor appointments and Electronic Medical Records. This product will be provided as a B2B service to other similar organizations.

As a part of this transformation we have planned a B2B2C service, where the end users can book physio appointments and therapy sessions near them.


Health Care Management


The Organization was working on Filed Records for Reports and word docss for appointments. Sorting of files, reminders and follow ups are manual tasks everyday. Needless to mention, lot of scope for errors.

Hospital Management & Bookings

In a hospital, while transforming the whole process to digital. There are many userflows that should be considered which would be effected, like: In & Out Patient Bookings, Shift assignments, Bed Management, Medication, Nutrition Plan, etc.

Dr. Vijay

Director - Rehabilitation & Research

The problem is, it is not too complex. Who ever is available in the shift, they are responsible for the rounds. Now, these are all not maintained while maintaining hard records, because we would just sign it. But while we are trying to save everything on cloud and get everthing under one service, we need to make sure it is equally uncomplicated. We are very busy while in the shift, the only help we need is to simplify our process, because we are not technically strong.

Mr. Sagnik Saha

Business Initiative & Project Head

The current process is done on excel sheets and papers. The receptionist attends to the patients, collects information, checks for doctor availability and books an appointment. Here they are juggling between 4 excel sheets. There is no issue with that. But while we are focusing on increasing the business and opening more branches, that is where we want all our records to be under one service and a simpler process for each role to finish their work.

With the interviews and going through the current process, one firm decision that has been taken is that, the solution needs to be minimal, with best experience, considering the time factor for doctors. If they are not pleased on first day, they will not use it for the rest of the time or do not recommend it. They will be back to writing papers after so much of investment on a product.

According to the roles, the tasks and the screens differ. While everything is in sync, just the UI is different. For the convenience of doctors, their appointments can be checked from mobile. As the doctors work through multiple branches, all the clinics and shift details can be accessed from the profile with the convenience of a hybrid app.

Appointments view for Receptionist and Doctor.
Receptionist Dashboard and Inpatient Booking view.

Electronic Medical Records

EMR, which is internationally also known as EHR (Electronic Health Record) is critical to maintain track of any patient either admitted or consulted a health organization. EHR has so much of information which literally requires a record to maintain. How can such huge information be accessed digitally?

Dr. Ram Papa Rao

Co-Founder and Chairman, Healthsignz Technologies

Through 40+ years of my experience i have had so many sleepless nights as on crititcality of the patients. I have worked internationally, and everything starts with observing an EMR. If we can solve how the EMRs can not just be a record, but also a time saving factor for the doctors on a busy day.

EMRs are big. How can big be made simple? Break into categories. Easily memorisable categories, which nurses should be able to access beside while the doctors are assesing he patient.

EMRs are complex. How can a complex data be made simple? By make it visually accessible. Create the design in a way that the scales are accessible very quick and the time take to fill reduces by 50%.

B2C Application

While the product that was designed, has been considered as a SaaS to other healthcare organzations... the organization has also decided to create an application for the customers to book appointments and schedule physiotherapy services.

The Organization can just register its organisation under Practo or similar services in the market. But this organization has been specific to Rehab and Physiotherapy. Their business strategy is to sell their SaaS to other similar organization and get them registered under this B2C application too.

  • Successful launch of India's first Physiotherapist's EMR
  • Service implemented by 3 private hospitals with 7 branches operating digitally and serving patients with these products.
  • Annual profit of $52.5K to PACS by providing this product as a service to private hospitals.